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Danger Of Trap


One of the dangers that both novice and intermediate poker players run into is trying to trap an opponent with a hand that is not the nuts. At times, trapping your opponent can be a very good way to take a lot of chips from them but, done incorrectly, it can blow up in your face and cost you a huge portion of your stack.

If your hand is not the best or second best possible hand at the moment, it probably is not a very good idea to try and trap with it. Giving your opponent free cards is never a good idea unless they are drawing dead and by trying to trap with a hand that could be beaten if one of the other people draws into their hand you are asking to have your chips taken away. So, unless you have the best hand that you know your opponent will not be able to beat, make them pay to see the cards. It is better to win a small pot than lose a huge one.



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